Pastry Chef Nicolas Paciello

Kiwi of the Adour, confit, Almond, anise sorbet. Kiwi of the Adour, confit, Almond, anise sorbet.
Rhubarb full fields, in sugar crust, sorbet Rhubarb full fields, in sugar crust, sorbet

Nicolas Paciello was born in Moselle and grew up in Forbach.

In 2005, he joined Fauchon as a commis and spent five years learning alongside Christophe Adam. He left the company to join Hôtel de Crillon as a pastry sous-chef alongside Jérôme Chaucesse. For two years, the young pastry chef in the making perfected his taste for excellent pastries. He constantly practised and challenged himself in the presence of his mentor.

After a stint with chef Cyril Lignac, Nicolas Paciello joined Hôtel Prince de Galles when it reopened, alongside Yann Couvreur, for two years. In January 2015, La Réserve Paris Hotel took him on as Head Pastry Chef. With this experience under his belt, it was an easy decision to return to Hôtel Prince de Galles in December of the same year, a luxury establishment that was dear to him. For this thirty something, joining this company was a matter of course:

“Working alongside Stéphanie Le Quellec and combining our passions to imagine gourmet and elegant culinary creations is like a dream come true”.

Stéphanie Le Quellec, Michelin star chef, had the following to say about Nicolas Paciello: “We share the same values. I believe that above all you have to enjoy what you’re doing for other people to be able to enjoy it. And we work towards that every day. The concept of sharing is essential. The main things we share are, first and foremost, emotions and feelings.”

Nicolas Paciello, a passionate food-lover, creates elegant pastries with subtle flavours. Classic French pastry deserts have regained their grandeur under the direction of this young Head Pastry Chef.

“A plated dessert is a symbol of sharing. Taste is built around having the right balance of flavours”.

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Hours of Operation
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